Below are list of events which are open for registering at this time. You can view more information about this event by clicking on title of the event.

Event Event Date Location Register
Bach Cello Suites Workshop 08-14-2017 Troy, New York
Tippet Rise Recital 08-19-2017 Montana
Spokane Summerfest 08-26-2017 Spokane, Washington
Juneau, Alaska Recital 09-03-2017 Juneau, Alaska
Anchorage Autumn Classics 09-04-2017 Anchorage, Alaska
Mesa Arts Center 09-21-2017 Mesa, Arizona
Columbia, South Carolina- Masterclass 09-22-2017 Columbia, South Carolina
USC Cello Festival, South Carolina 09-23-2017 Columbia, South Carolina
USC Symphony, South Carolina- Daugherty 09-28-2017 Columbia, South Carolina
Elgar Concerto, Sioux City Symphony, Iowa 09-30-2017 Sioux City, Iowa
Marin Symphony Residency, California 10-03-2017 California
EPPM/UTEP Masterclasses/Special Events 10-10-2017 El Paso, Texas
Dvorak Cello Concerto, National Philharmonic 10-14-2017 Bethesda, Maryland
Daugherty Tales of Hemingway 10-15-2017 New York, New York
Tour of South Africa _____ Oct. 17 - Nov. 02 10-17-2017 South Africa
Bruch/Bloch "Jewish recital" 11-05-2017 El Paso, Texas
Bruch/Bloch "Jewish recital" 11-06-2017 El Paso, Texas
Recital, Pocatello, Idaho 11-08-2017 Pocatello, Idaho
Saint Saens Concerto No. 1 11-10-2017 Thais, Idaho
Mesa Arts Center, Arizona 11-13-2017 Mesa, Arizona
Rockport Festival 11-19-2017 Rockport, Massachusetts
Recital, Edmonton CANADA 11-25-2017 Edmonton CANADA
El Paso Pro Musica "Young Artists Development Series" 11-27-2017 El Paso, Texas
Winterfest, Spokane, Washington 12-04-2017 Spokane, Washington
Recital, Anchorage, Alaska 12-11-2017 Anchorage, Alaska
Daugherty "Tales of Hemingway" 12-16-2017 Key West, Florida
Daugherty "Tales of Hemingway" 12-17-2017 Miami, Florida
Daugherty "Tales of Hemingway" 12-19-2017 Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
El Paso Pro Musica Chamber Music Festival 01-03-2018 El Paso, Texas
Recital, Harvard Musical Association 01-12-2018 Boston, Massachusetts
Recital, Pawley's Island Festival 01-30-2018 Pawley's Island, South Carolina
Daugherty Tales of Hemingway 02-03-2018 Midland, Michigan
Anchorage Winter Classics 02-05-2018 Anchorage, Alaska
Mesa Arts Center 02-12-2018 Mesa, Arizona
EPPM/Danielle Talamantes 02-19-2018 El Paso, Texas
Haydn DM Concerto Mobile Symphony 02-24-2018 Mobile, Alabama
Haydn DM Concerto Mobile Symphony 02-25-2018 Mobile, Alabama
NWBACH Festival 02-26-2018 Spokane, Washington
Daugherty "Tales of Hemingway" 03-15-2018 Boise, Idaho
Recital 03-18-2018 Palm Springs, California
Mesa Arts Center 03-19-2018 Mesa, Arizona
Schumann Concerto 03-24-2018 Fredonia, New York
El Paso Pro Musica 03-26-2018 El Paso, Texas
Strauss Don Quixote, Cape Cod Symphony 04-07-2018 Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Strauss Don Quixote, Cape Cod Symphony 04-08-2018 Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Daugherty "Tales of Hemingway". 04-13-2018 Boise, Idaho
Daugherty "Tales of Hemingway" 04-14-2018 Boise, Idaho
Strauss Don Quixote, Marin Symphony 04-25-2018 San Rafael, California
Elgar Concerto, Boston Philharmonic Youth Symphony 05-06-2018 Cape Cod, Massachusetts
EPPM/Lara Downes 05-08-2018 El Paso, Texas
Recital- Istanbul, Turkey 05-22-2018 Istanbul, Turkey
Sitka Summer Music Festival 06-01-2018 Sitka, Alaska
Sitka International Cello Seminar 07-01-2018 Sitka, Alaska
Elgar Concerto- Madison Symphony 10-19-2018 Madison, Wisconsin
Elgar Concerto- Madison Symphony 10-20-2018 Madison, Wisconsin
Elgar Concerto- Madison Symphony 10-21-2018 Madison, Wisconsin
Spokane, Washington- WINTERCLASSICS 12-03-2018 Spokane, Washington

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