El Paso Pro-Musica- ( El Paso, Texas) Since 2001, Zuill Bailey has served as Artistic Director of El Paso Pro-Musica whereby the finest artists in the world are invited to perform in the Main Series each Season and the El Paso Pro-Musica Chamber Music Festival each January. His invitations to musical friends and colleagues turn to magic as artists not only share their talents in concert but turn their love of Chamber Music into Special Events in Classrooms and other venues throughout El Paso.


Sitka Summer Music Festival- (Sitka, Alaska)- Zuill Bailey is the Artistic Director of the Sitka Summer Music Festival held each year in June in Sitka, Alaska. The Festival includes a Fall and Winter Concert Series that includes performances in Anchorage and other cities whereby Chamber Music receives the ultimate Northern Exposure. Zuill has also created a Cello Seminar in Sitka, whereby some of the finest young cellists receive extensive musical training.


Northwest Bach Festival/Connoisseur Concert Series- ( Spokane, Washington). Zuill Bailey is the Artistic Director of the Northwest Bach Festival as part of the Connoisseur Concert Series in Spokane. His work with the series includes extensive concert tours of the region, candlelight concerts, educational and community outreach where he created the "FLASHBACH," series.


Mesa Arts Center- (Mesa, Arizona)- Zuill Bailey is the Guest Artistic Director of the Mesa Arts Center Classical Series bringing outstanding world renowned performers to Mesa Arizona and in turn uniting the community through educational outreach and awareness of classical music. 

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